Our Diamonds



Our Diamonds are selected using the following criteria:
• The centre diamonds are larger than 0.40ct +
• The clarity is SI2 or higher.
• The colour is G or higher.
• The proportions of the stone are cut to achieve Maximum Brilliance


Our  team supervise and coordinate all activities from selecting the rough to polishing the stone.

We have delegated professional international laboratories to certify these selected few diamonds

which are sold through our boutique store.

Together with the support of our team, the buyer will benefit the generations of experience of dealing with diamonds.

Our experience in the diamond industry enables us to provide you with an amazing selection of certified diamonds

at competitive prices. We take pride in selling only beautifully proportioned, well cut diamonds that burst with fire and brilliance.

We search hard to find the most exquisite diamonds that are then honored with the brand "RENATO".